Lyn Treece Boys Club Foundation

Original Boys' Clubs of America Logo From 1983
Original Boys' Clubs of America Logo To 2024

A supporting organization of the
Lyn Treece Boys & Girls Club of Tippecanoe County

Our Past

Original Boys Club Building
The Lyn Treece Boys Club Foundation was established in 1983 as a supporting organization for the Boys Club of Lafayette.
Lyn Treece, Founder of the Lyn Treece Boys Club Foundation
Mr. Treece, the Founder of the Club, recognized the need for a Foundation that could help the Club grow with donations from his initial donation, specific bequests and memorial contributions.
Lyn Treece at Fundraiser
These funds would be invested at the direction of the Trustees and distributed to the Club on a case by case basis.
His initial contribution along with other generous donations have grown to over $1,000,000 at the end of 2021.

Our Present

Front view of 10th Lyn Treece Boys & Girls Club
Side view of the 10th Street Boys & Girls Club
The Foundation has helped the Main Club at 1529 N. 10 Street in many ways: provided funds to help the Club acquire adjoining land for further expansion; provided capital for replacement of HVAC and roof systems; helped with acquisition of land and building for the Beck Lane Club.
Beck Lane Boys and Girls Club of Tippecanoe County
Funds were needed for expansion of the Beck Lane Club and the Foundation provided those funds as well.

Our Future

Coming Soon
They will play a part in the establishment of third location for the community also. Together with other Foundations and businesses, Lafayette will be assured that its children will always have a Boys and Girls Club.
The Positive Place for Kids

Board of Trustees

The foundation has a 5 member Board of Trustees and one Corporate Trustee. 

Board of Trustees

  • Joe Bumbleburg
  • Brian Walker
  • Rick Oliver
  • Kip Treece
  • Stephanie Snoeberger

Corporate Trustee

  • Jim Keene from First Merchants Private Wealth Advisors

Stephanie, Kip, and Brian have all been Presidents of the Club and have served the Club for many years. Joe Bumbleburg was Lyn Treece's personal attorney for many years and advises the Foundation on all matters. Past Trustees include Alice Mayerstein, Bill Long, and Stan Calderon.